Mukhyamantri Teerth Darshan Yatra – Rameshwaram dated 23 to 28 September 2019-Last date of Form Submission 12 Sept 2019

23/09/2019 - 28/09/2019

Know about the Chief Minister Teerth Darshan Scheme

Madhya Pradesh government has launched this scheme in June 2012. Under this scheme, senior citizens of the state, who have completed 60 years of age, are given free visit to one of the identified pilgrimage sites in the country. Travelers are provided with travel by special rail, food and drink, lodging arrangements, travel by bus, guides and other facilities where necessary, provided by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, contracted to the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Religious Trust and Religion Department. |

List of places of pilgrimage for Chief Minister’s pilgrimage
(A) Appendix (A) –
Mr. Badrinath
Shri Kedarnath
Shri Jagannath Puri
Sri Dwarkapuri
Vaishno Devi
Ajmer Sharif
Kashi (Varanasi)
Concourse peak
Velakani Church (Nagapattinam)
(17-A) Shri Ramdevra, Jaisalmer
Kamakhya Devi
Mr. Girnar
Patna sahib
Pilgrimage sites of Madhya Pradesh – Ujjain, Mehar, Sri Ramaraja Temple Orchha, Chitrakoot, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar and Mudwara.
(B) Appendix (Two) –
Rameshwaram – Madurai
Tirupati – Mr. Kalahasti
Dwarka – Somnath
Puri – Gangasagar
Haridwar – Rishikesh
Amritsar – Vaishnodevi
Kashi – Gaya |

Person of pilgrimage
You are a native of Madhya Pradesh.
Do not be an income tax payer.
He has completed the age of 60 years.
In case of women, he has completed 2 years’ leave i.e. 58 years of age.
Disabled citizens whose disability is more than 60 percent are not age bound.
If the spouse wants to travel together, the spouse can also go on the journey even if he / she is under 60 years of age.
Under this scheme, a person will be given the benefit of a pilgrimage to a designated pilgrimage site once in his lifetime.
A group can be applied for pilgrimage, the head of the group will be the main applicant, but such group will not be more than 25 persons.
According to the latest provision, after the completion of the period of five years previously traveled, they will be eligible for travel again, as well as the provision of pilgrimage near the present pilgrimage sites.
Be physically and mentally competent to travel, and do not suffer from any infectious diseases like TB, conjunctiva, cardiac, respiratory disease, coronary insufficiency, coronary thrombosis, mental illness, infection, leprosy etc.

Application Process
Filling the application in duplicate in the prescribed format.
The application form has to be filled in Hindi.
Latest colored passport size photo has to be installed at the prescribed place of application.
To provide at least one copy of the residence certificate such as eligibility slip (ration card), driving license, electricity bill, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, or any other method in relation to residence, along with a complete ID.
In case of emergency, it is mandatory to provide the mobile number and residence address of any two persons for contact with close relatives. Mobile number of at least one person is required.

Care eligibility
Single pilgrims over 65 years of age, husband and wife above 65 years and persons with disabilities of more than 60 percent are eligible to be taken caretakers.
A group of 3 to 5 persons will be eligible for an assistant (caretaker) on traveling as a group / batch.

Where can the application be given?
Generally, arrangements have been made to submit applications to the Tehsil / Sub-Tehsil office.
Keeping in view the administrative arrangements and public facilities, the place / offices assigned by the collector such as – Municipality, Municipal Corporation, District Panchayat Office etc. can also be there.

What is prohibited in travel
Travelers cannot carry flammable substances and intoxicants.
The traveler should not carry precious gems, ornaments etc. with him.
During the visit and pilgrimage, do not conduct so that the image of the state is tarnished.

What to do when traveling
Follow the instructions of the Liaison Officer / Maintainer.
Behave well.
Share the experiences and accounts of the journey among themselves.
Passengers will be required to bring an identity card with them.

Arrangements made by the collector
Get the application form.
Selection of pilgrims |
Duty as an escort of government officials / employees.
Deployment of security personnel for travel
Doctor’s arrangement for health test.
To distribute tickets to passengers and board the special train from the platform.

Tirthdarshan Yojna Form