Religious Places

Hinglaj Temple :


Hinglaj chhindwara

Hinglaj Mata Temple is one of the oldest temples in India. There are only two Hinglaj temples in India, one is near the border of Pakistan and the next is Berkuhi in Ambera near Chhindwara district. It is located in the south (by Parsia Road), about 40 km from the town. It attracts tourists almost every day, but it is considered the best day for worship on Tuesdays and Saturdays.





Anhoni :


Anhoni Chhindwara

Anhoni village is situated near Mahaljir Police Station and is located 2 miles from Jirpa village on Chhindwara-Pipariya road. The place is within the forest area. A mountainous stream flows with hot and boiling sulfur springs near the village. At another distance, they regard the springs as a noula. This spring water is considered beneficial for skin diseases and some infections of blood.





Jam Sawali Hanumanji :


A wonderful Sri Hanuman temple, Jam Bhavali is located in the ancient region of Madhya Pradesh, between the Dandakaranya-Satpura mountain ranges, which is at the confluence of the river Sarpa in the Jam river and the Sauni village, the Peepal tree in the shadow of “Self-land “It is from Shri Hanuman ji. Located at a distance of 15 km from Bajaj Joint check on Nagpur-Chhindwara Road, which is 66 km from Nagpur. Where access can be easily reached by road and railway route is also available for Saunsar city. The wonderful Shri Hanuman Temple is a center of faith and trust, where the wishes of the devotees coming from the true heart are fulfilled. Swayam Sri Hanuman ji is sitting in a lathe state. There is no evidence of the statue of Swami Shri Hanuman and who established it. According to the fact, Swami Shri Hanuman himself appeared. 100 years ago in the history of the temple, the mention of Mahavir Hanuman came under the People’s Tree in revenue records. According to the recognition of the elderly rural people, the statue of Shri Hanuman ji was standing in the east.Due to the suspicion of some people of some hidden treasure under the idol, people tried to remove the idol but did not succeed. People even used 20 bulls to remove the idol but idol did not move. According to the legends and beliefs in the Ramayana period, Lord Avtar Laxman got fainted, Hanuman ji went to take Sanjivani from Himalaya Mountain. While taking Sanjivani back, Hanuman ji rested under the Peepal tree in Jam Savli.

Kapoorda Mata Mandir :


Kapurda Kapoorda is a village in Chaurai sub-division. This is famous for Shashti Mata Temple. In the blessings of Sashthi Mata, the local citizen has faith and faith. During 9 days of Navratri, there is a huge crowd to worship Shashthi Mata. There is also a saying that the blessing of Sashthi Mata is very useful for those people, who do not have children even after many years of marriage.





Hanuman Temple Simariya :


Simariya Hanuman Chhindwara

The tallest statue of Lord Hanuman, 101 feet high in the Siddheshwar Hanuman temple is the highest statue; Simaria village belongs to Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh state of India.
This temple complex is spread over five acres of land. This is the point where any person comes from Maharashtra state and enters Madhya Pradesh. The temple complex is situated in such a way that it seems like the statue of Lord Hanuman is giving blessings to the devotees.